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Company Divestments

Thinking of selling?
Do it right

Don’t follow
the crowd


Have you thought about selling your business? If you have already entertained this idea on more than one occasion, you need to realise that it is vital to do it at the ideal moment when your company has built the highest value. This will depend on a host of criteria: business, macroeconomic and even personal. In any event, we will help you to determine the perfect moment.

Many wait to put up the “for sale” sign when business is going badly, which is clearly a mistake. The aim should not be to sell your company haphazardly, but rather to do so in the best possible way with the benefit of our help.

If now is not the right time, don’t worry, we’ll let you know.

What is in your interest
is also in ours.

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Get the most
out of the deal

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Our goal is for you to strike the best deal possible; in every respect. We’ll help you get the best appraisal and the best price. However, there are many other factors to bear in mind.

What structure is the most suitable? What about taxes? What happens with the staff? Relocation? How can I make sure payment completes? Will I need to stick around after selling my company?

No matter what the situation, we will keep your aims, priorities and goals in mind,

to ensure that the sale of your business does not make the end, but instead leads to a new chapter where opportunities abound.

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Fly with us
under the radar


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It is only natural for you to be concerned for negotiations or the day-to-day running of your business to be impacted if it gets out that you are thinking of selling your business.

For this reason, you can rely on the most stringent procedures assuring confidentiality and discretion throughout the entire process: from screening to selecting buyers, through the gradual disclosure of information and digitally controlled settings, to standards at international investment banking level.

Your journey with us
will give you peace of mind;
and make you feel safe.

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outside the box


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They do not necessarily appear in newspaper headlines; nor are they the subject of conversations in coffee shops. The best opportunities are not always the most apparent.

Accordingly, since the company belongs to you, we shall identify the best options so that you can be the one who selects the best candidates, bearing in mind the value that each one can offer you.

Whether overseas, among your competitors or in a sector unrelated to yours,

if the ideal candidate is out there, we’ll pick it out.

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You are in
the driver’s seat

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We want you to travel in first class. We want you to enjoy every mile, every visit, and every stop along the way. Above all, we want to make sure you always have the situation under control; you hold the reins.

We have a track record spanning more than two decades devoted to mergers and acquisitions, and working for clients just like you. We will always consider your priorities, we will respect your deadlines, we will keep you up-to-date on the project’s developments, and we will engage with you in order to agree on the next steps to take and what to say at each stage.

You will always benefit from our most honest opinion in order to meet your goals. You will benefit from having all the information at your disposal to allow you to make the best decision at all times.

Enjoy the feeling
of being fully in control.

Whenever you need us,
we are by your side


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Selling a business can be a long-drawn-out process, so it is welcoming to know you can always find someone on the other end of the phone whenever you need it the most. Someone who will have your back throughout the whole process.

We the partners of ArsCorporate will be a great friend; one who is always ready to listen and advise you; one you can always rely on.

Anytime. Any place.

We are on hand to provide you with a boutique experience 24/7.

It’s now your
right time
to buy


not stirred


Improvisation is for jazz,
not for you


We are on the same
wavelength as you


You’ll have that
extra something


You know what you want,
we too

Any questions?

Find out what you always wanted to know.

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