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Corporate Finance

Don’t let funding slow down your projects

ArsCorporate advises its clients on the variety of situations related to the financing and capital structure of their companies.

We design, negotiate and implement, until closing, solutions such as the following:
  • Debt restructuring
  • Recapitalisation
  • Issuance of corporate debt (bonds, debentures, other debt instruments), especially abroad
  • Direct lending
  • Private placement of debt
  • Bank debt related to a specific projects (M&A, commercial or retail real estate, etc.) or to the recurrent financing needs of businesses
  • Debt fund operations
Each of these solutions, which can vary significantly from quarter to quarter in a very dynamic market, require the following:
  • A detailed analysis of the available options
  • Adaptation to the company’s strategy
  • A review of the suitability of each option for the specific situation of the company

It is equally essential to assess the impact of all types in terms of covenants, guarantees, the possibility of obtaining more financing in the future, or even the impact of the various solutions on credit scoring and, finally, on the rating that the company may need.

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