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Industry Report 2021 | H2


The focus of regenerative agriculture is soil maintenance. Utilizing natural tendencies of ecosystems to regenerate, letting mother nature “do her thing”.

Regenerative agriculture is a return to traditional methods of farming without heavy machinery and chemical inputs. Eliminating heavy machinery results in less land needed as tractor paths and turning row ends can now be converted to growing spaces. Removing the use of chemical inputs reduces the cost of production, increasing grower profit. The barrier to entry is greatly reduced as smaller farms can increase productivity without expensive overhead. Lower barrier to entry results in regenerative agriculture attracting a larger next generation, something that modern farming is failing to do.

The regenerative agriculture is predominantly driven by the following key factors, which are discussed in grater detail throught this Agriculture Industry Report 2021 that you can download:

  • lncreasing pressure to achieve CO2 reduction goals Water conservation
  • lncreased nutrition in produce
  • Community food insecurities
  • lncreased demand for organic produce
  • Supply of unique tools and accoutrements
  • Soil improvement inputs
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